Monday, 12 December 2016

Tesco Mini Snackers Turkey & Stuffing

A little packet of crispy crunchy biscuits from Tesco... actually make that quite a big packet. 150g. And I don't think they come in a smaller size.

Another Tesco snack where the packaging design mysteriously looks like a 1960s Christmas card, these little biscuitty snacks actually taste pretty good: not at all like a leftover from the 1960s.

Yes, these are rather nice little biscuits, albeit rather dry, with a good crunch and texture. And a very nice taste of turkey and stuffing. I'm not actually mad about turkey, although I do like stuffing, I'd far rather have a proper free range chicken than a turkey. However, it seems that turkey & stuffing makes a very nice flavour for a crispy snack.

At Christmastime all sorts of snacks appear featuring so-called seasonal flavours, and they're not always that successful. But somehow the turkey & stuffing flavour seems to work rather well.

All the reluctant taste testers approved of this little biscuit. And you get lots in the box.

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