Thursday, 8 December 2016

Scott Farms Orange, Purple & White Sweet Potato Chips

Tall Elegant taste tester visited the health food store and came back with this 100g packet of extremely handsome sweet potato crisps. And by extremely handsome I mean very pretty.

It's strange how a vegetable called a potato is not a potato. And sometimes it's called a yam... but this is a different vegetable in the South Pacific and New Zealand. Which is why you should never rely on "common names" but go straight to the Latin if you can. So your actual potato is a member of the Nightshade family Solanaceae along with tomatoes, and the Sweet Potato is a member of the Convolvulaceae like the morning glory flower, or bindweed. And hey! word fans, the word for potato comes from the Quechua (spoken in Peru) which a friend of mine speaks. Along with French, English, Spanish and very likely German.

Anyway, sweet potato crisps tend to have quite a dull crunch compared to potato crisps. but they certainly are attractive when you get three different colours in the same packet.

Nicely salted too. And a pretty packet. Spot the convolvulus flower?
Scott Farms products are made in North Carolina and imported by Scott Farms International based on the wonderfully named Asparagus Way in Evesham. Evesham is the heart of UK asparagus growing industry but it's still a wonderful name for a road.

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