Friday, 2 December 2016

Walkers Market Deli Cornish Mature Cheddar

This is one of the new swanky rang of crisps - sorry, potato chips - produced by Walkers. Market Deli, they say, made with real deli flavours. And real ingredients for an authentic taste. Yes. What a good idea. But hang on.... doesn't that sort of indicate that other crisps produced by Walkers are made with pretend flavours? Or fake ingredients? Could be.

Discover the authentic flavours of Europe's finest markets and delis [it says here] with these delicious deli potato chips,  cut thicker and cooked for longer for that perfect bite. With the full bodied boldness of Cornish mature cheddar - rich with a hint of sharpness, this is a real taste experience.

I don't suppose Walkers want us to ponder the question of authentic flavour too hard. But they do advise us that these crisps are delicious shared with a local craft ale and close friends. And they are so pleased with this new rang of crisps they have a whole new website to tell us about them.

I bought these authentic crisps on a special introductory offer and they are pretty fabulous. What a great cheesy aroma. What a great crunch, rather thicker than the usual offerings from Walkers., good golden colour. And the cheesy taste is very cheesy indeed. No artificial preservatives or colours, made with natural flavours, no MSG. Suitable for vegetarians. And you can tell how posh they are from the hand writing font they use for the weight.

So basically a very good crisp. Everyone liked them a lot. Everyone thought they were definitely cheese flavour (except one taste tester who is pregnant and thinks her taste buds may be affected) and one tester accurately guessed mature cheddar. Although obviously points should be removed for failing to guess the county!

If I happened to find myself crispless (unlikely, I know) I might buy these again because they are rather good. I've tried the balsamic vinegar flavour chips already so maybe I'll save up for a packet of Market Deli tortilla or pitta chips.
Update: I posted this originally in September 2014 but here it is again, because Gina from The Chips Report has recently been rather enthusiastic about these crisps. And it's always nice to see another opinion.

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