Thursday, 22 December 2016

Burt's Guinness Rich Beef Chilli

History Graduate taste tester went to Dublin for 2 days as you do when you are young and full of energy. And he brought us back a packet of Guinness crisps.

Although [spoiler alert] these crisps are in fact made in Devon by Burt's. Of course they are. Cooked by Richard 2 and grown in a field called Roseworthy. You know, speaking as one of the nerdiest crisp writers around, I feel sure I have eaten crisps grown in that field before. Well, perhaps not. I can only lay my hands on a crisp (potato) grown in a field called Roundwood. Give me time....

Anyway, these richly coloured crisps have an attractive hand cooked look to them and a rich meaty chilli casserole flavour. Although the reluctant taste testers rather liked this crisp we couldn't quite put our collective finger on exactly what they taste of. But it is tasty. And while hot, not too hot.

Nice. But could anyone detect a taste of Guinness? Not sure that we could. Not really.

But maybe if you made a nice beef stew and chucked in half a bottle of Guinness instead of stock or red wine, maybe you wouldn't expect to taste the stout particularly. You'd be looking for a rich taste and I'm guessing that's what you'd get.

Very Guinnessy packaging.

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