Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gesher Snow Flakes Falafel Flavored

Another little packet of snow flake/flower shaped crisps snacks from Israel. And these ones are falafel flavoured.

I have probably said it before but I do wonder why we don't have falafel flavoured snacks in the UK? Or not that I have seen. Perhaps it's because even these days there may be parts of Britain where the wonder of the falafel has yet to penetrate?

Obviously, coming from North London as I do, I have access to all sorts of exotic foods at the drop of a hat, and I've not felt that I needed to drop many hats to find a falafel around here. Maybe if I were shopping in Cumbria or Orkney or Lincolnshire (no offence meant, honestly - I've simply chosen places I have never visited) maybe falafel might not be so easy to find.

But falafel are very tasty. And I do enjoy the taste. And I do enjoy the taste in a crispy snack. Especially in a lightly crunchy flower shaped crispy snack.

Very nice.

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