Friday, 23 September 2016

Vico Monster Munch Goût Spicy

Petits monstres salés au bon goût de pomme de terres says the packet. And yet the flavour is not salted but spicy.
This is a very nice extruded potato snack. Lovely light and bubbly texture, and lovely spicy taste that gets spicier the more you eat.

The reluctant taste testers liked these a lot, the Chef liked these, I liked these too. Yup, a pretty good result here. We liked this crispy snack. It's nothing fancy - just rather good. Worked for us so why not give it a go if you are in France?

No idea why Vico Monster Munch snacks are shaped like ghosts but there you are.

The Chef and I tried this packet when we were out in Switzerland but didn't want to eat the lot. So I stuck the leftovers in a zip lock bag and brought them home for the reluctant taste testers. Great success. We like Vico's Monster Munch products.

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