Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bénénuts Apéro Cracks Fin & Fondants Sésame Pavot

Another little crispy snack to go with your aperitif. The apéro market seems to be big business in France these days: a tasty little morsel to go with your evening drink as opposed to a packet of crisps that you might munch down at any moment. At least, I guess that's the distinction. And the apéro usually comes in a little cardboard box with the crispy snack in a foil bag, while crisps come.... in a crisp packet. Oh the technicalities of the crispy snack market!

And this is a very little morsel. A crispy crunchy morsel but really very small. And sort of... lip-shaped. A bit unusual that. I can't think of another word for the shape but maybe there is a technical term for this shape that I haven't come across.

The mix of sesame and poppy seeds seemed to taste slightly more of sesame - but not overwhelmingly so. And then I thought maybe they tasted more of poppy seeds. These little biscuits have a nice crunch, and are not as sweet as many of this style of biscuit. They don't actually taste of very much... but in a very pleasant way. And you will find yourself having another.
The reluctant taste testers quite liked them and so the I, and the Chef too.

Bénénuts seems to be owned by Pepsico France. Wow, Pepsico owns a lot of companies. I wonder if they ever lose track?

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