Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bret's Saveur Fromage Frais Fines Herbes

We visited the Aletschgletscher yesterday. Took two large cable cars up from Fiesch to the Eggishorn and basked in the most amazing sunshine. This is the biggest glacier in Europe. We've been before - but that was before the days of massive megabytes and digital photography a gogo. And in fact, I think the weather was not so nice last time we made this journey.

A wonderful wonderful treat to see such an impressive piece of geography. The views are absolutely stunning. We are very lucky to be able to leap in the car whenever we fancy to visit such a great place. I remember learning about glaciation at school but never thought I would have the opportunity so see so much of it.

But an excess of sunshine is very tiring so today we are staying home. I have a load of washing drying in the garden, the Chef is doing chores (washing his ski suit, pulling up that small willow tree growing on the terrace, recharging the battery on the car etc), and I can write up a crisp or two.

This is another crisp bought in Rheims, and another packet that weirdly blows up like a ballon when it gets a little bit warm. It is a mystery to me why some crisp packets do this and others don't. Maybe one day I will discover the science of crisp packets.

Anyway, here we have another flavour from Bret's of Brittany. Of course Bret's are very fond of this fine crinkle style of crisp, and here they have created a very fresh flavour with an interesting combination of cream cheese, and parsley, chives, dill and mint. Interesting. And I think rather tasty.

Nice crunch, typical rather pale Bret's crisp, lots of green herbyness going on. Does this qualify for a yum? Pretty much I think.

And does the Chef approve? Yes he does. And I will try to take some home for the reluctant taste testers to try. I think these crisps are rather good.

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