Monday, 26 September 2016

The Giving Tree Strawberry Crisps

Strawberry crisps? Well, no, not really. Although this is a crispy snack. More of a crunchy snack perhaps.

Because I didn't read the label I was sort of expecting slices of strawberry, perhaps oven dried and rather chewy. What I got was whole strawberries looking quite surprisingly strawberry-like and freeze dried. Kind of astronaut food.

They certainly look pretty. And are very crunchy. And I do mean very crunchy. A little bit like Edinburgh Rock, a little bit how I imagine biting into a lump of chalk would feel and if you aren't careful when you crunch in you get a cloud of strawberry dust and there may be a lot of coughing involved.

Anyone else remember GloZell and the Cinnamon Challenge? OK, so that's an extreme example and we certainly didn't get that sort of reaction to our taste test but I think perhaps Tech taste tester laughed at the wrong moment. GloZell has her own Wiki page but that's another story.

Apparently if you managed to eat the entire packet (about 8 strawberries) it would constitute one of your five a day. I think I'll stick to real strawberries. With cream, obviously. However, if you fancy giving these crispy crunchy strawberries a try, Tell Elegant taste tester found this packet in the local health food store.

Bizarrely made in Thailand... because we don't grow strawberries in this country do we?
Oh sweet little thing, just where do I start?
This magical fruit that's shaped like a heart.
It's great on its own or topped up with cream.
On top of a scone, it's a tea party dream.
The Giving Tree has plucked this fruit from the vine.
With love, from the earth, a small taste of sunshine. Says the packet.

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