Sunday, 18 September 2016

John & John Hand Cooked Aspall Cyder Vinegar Potato Crisps

Here's an interesting crisp. Looks English, made in the UK, owned by a German company and bought in France. Who'd have thought?

I promised the Chef I wouldn't buy any more crisps after the tonne I picked up in Rheims but really, how could I resist? Although it did seem strange discovering this crisp in the middle of Burgundy.

What a lovely crisp. A little thicker cut than mass produced brands as artisan crisps often are, this Cyder Vinegar flavour is beautifully delicate; nothing like as strong as many salt & vinegar flavours. And I gather from Tech taste tester that Aspall Cyder is rather good. He tells me he rather likes it, and  Aspall also make Cyder Vinegar.

Well the reluctant taste testers approved of these crisps. Even Senior taste tester who doesn't usually like salt & vinegar as a flavour.

Lovely packaging design. Although what an elephant has to do with cider vinegar I have no idea!

I thought the brand was called John John but it seems that the anchor on the packet is standing in for an & sign. So John & John it is. I think. You can read a bit about these crisps on Chips & Crisps  or here on John Crisps. If I need to try more flavours perhaps I should be heading for Germany?

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