Friday, 9 September 2016

Benenuts les inCRAquables Gout Sale

I have no idea at all why Benenuts thought it a good idea to spell les inCRAquables with such an unusual combination of capitals and ordinary letters but thought it best to copy their example in case it was important to them.

This is one of those crispy snacks extruded from a massive machine somewhere. And none the worse for that because I think it's rather tasty, and the Chef agrees. The reluctant taste testers loved this crispy snack. Yum!

But what a scary design! Why would you design your crispy snack to look like a devil mask? The packaging says a partager aver tout la famille! but really, would you expect your 6 year old grandchild to enjoy this creepy snack? Maybe children aren't bothered about this sort of thing.

I wonder if this oddly creepy snack is a Hallowe'en design? It's hard to know. Very tasty though.

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