Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lay's Saveur Giant

Saveur Giant??? Giant taste? Taste of what?

Well, I think what we have here is a double burger with cheese. A double burger with cheese flavour. That's what I get from the picture on the packet. Does everyone in France know that "giant" means a double burger with cheese? How can I possibly tell as I'm not from France.

Giant says the packet. Le burger cult. Venez vite le deguster. It's a cult burger, come and try it quickly. Perhaps before they run out? And you get a coupon on the back of the packet: buy one double burger with cheese, one drink, one (probably) large fries and get another double burger with cheese free. From Quick. Which is a French burger restaurant. I've seen it advertised on TV, but not seen a branch in real life.

And what do we think? Sorry. Not impressed.

Immediately from my point of view; why is this flavour made with celery? Regular readers will remember that I cannot tolerate celery. Lots of people can't. Not just me. I won't come out in a horrible rash or die in agony, but I will be very uncomfortable for maybe 12 hours after eating celery. And I do wonder what it contributes to an alleged cheeseburger taste. If, for example, I were creating a cheeseburger in the privacy of my own home I would use beef mince, sliced cheese, maybe tomato ketchup, maybe a little cornichon, perhaps some sweet mustard, but celery? No. And you know what? At home I never use a bun.

Anyway, the Chef and I were not impressed.

The aroma isn't right. The crunch is fine but the flavour is all wrong. Unless this is what a double cheeseburger from Quick actually tastes like. I bought this packet of crisps in the hope of a really good cheeseburger flavour (well, obviously) but this is disappointing.

Sorry Lay's but we really don't like this crisp. And sorry Quick, but this crisp does not encourage me to visit your restaurants.

I first tried a packet of cheeseburger flavour crisps in August 2013. And with all the changes they haven't got any tastier. 

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