Sunday, 4 September 2016

Benenuts Apero Cracks Maxi Craquants Gout Bacon

We tried this crispy snack in a traffic jam on the A31 going South through France. A lorry with a heavy load had fallen over in the night and the authorities were taking forever to tidy up the load (which didn't look that heavy) and move the vehicle.Three lanes of motorway traffic filtered into one so we crawled along for about 45 minutes. Hope the driver was OK.

I reached behind my seat for a crispy snack and this was at the top of the pile.

Hmmnnn..... Not sure I would have chosen this under the circumstances. In fact I would probably have taken it home for Tech taste tester to try: he loves a meaty flavoured crispy snack.

Can you tell from the photograph? This snack is not square. It's not oblong. It's not even a rhombus. It's a kind of uneven squarish shape. Nice texture, but wow what a strong flavour! This snack " gout bacon" tastes strongly of maple cured bacon. Very sweet. 

Quite nice, but to be honest with you, not really suitable for a traffic jam on a very hot day. 

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