Saturday, 20 June 2015

Co-op Fine Food Hopi Blue Chipotle Nachos

Hopi Blue Chipotle Nachos says the packet in English. And then Tortilla-Chips mit blauem Mais und Chipotle-Chilli  (German),  Tortilla chips au maïs bleu et au chile chipotle (French), and Tortilla chips al mais blu e al Chili Chipotle (Italian). Because everything in Switzerland comes in German, French and Italian.

I wonder why they are called Nachos in English but tortilla chips everywhere else?

The first trouble with these Hopi Blue tortilla chips is that they aren't blue. It would be lovely to think they were blue. But they're not. They're a sort of dried-blood dark red with small black and white spots. This is not an attractive colour; actually quite off-putting.

The second trouble is that you can't really taste much (any) chipotle chilli. Basically all you get is tortilla chip flavour. Which I find quite dull.

Nice big pointy triangles, the crunch is good and the chips do work well with a dip - provided it's the right dip (I tried two different dips and one of them was a disaster) - but otherwise I couldn't find anything special to say about them. 

This is a 150g bag that thinks quite a lot of itself. I'm not that impressed.

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