Thursday, 18 June 2015

KP Discos Salt & Vinegar

D'you know, I don't think I ever tried Discos before. I thought maybe I had, but then I opened the packet and... I'm sure I should have remembered them. But I don't so I can't have.

This is another little packet of crisps (56g) from our road trip. Amazing eh? We should go away more often. Or perhaps go for a slightly random long drive.

So, Discos are flat round disks. Kind of like a smaller version of Pringles without the wave but with a slightly heavier crunch.

And considerably paler than Pringles. Extremely pale.

It's a wheat starch/dried potato combo, with wheat flour too, which I never would have known had I not read the list of ingredients. And I've got to say that wheat starch isn't the sexiest sounding start to a list of crispy snack ingredients.

However, tech taste tester declared these were his absolute favourites and he hadn't had Discos in ages, and noble friend said she just loved Salt & Vinegar so we opened the packet enthusiastically. Wow! This is an amazingly Salt & Vinegary flavour!! Really very seriously Salt & Vinegary.

Quite fabulous if you are a major Salt & Vinegar fan. Not if you aren't. I'm not certain about the texture though. It might be all that wheat starch.

I caught myself looking at the strange lightening strikes on the packet wondering why it features origami cranes. Well, obviously, if you look properly they aren't origami cranes (shame really) but the lightening strikes are a bit odd, And why is it called a grab bag? This is a recent innovation that I have yet to work out.

And as this is a road trip crispy snack here's us visiting Silbury Hill. It really does look just like a pudding basin from every direction.


  1. What a beautiful road trip!


    1. Well you know what I mean!
      Yes it was a great trip to Wiltshire.


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