Saturday, 6 June 2015

Waitrose Good to Go Wasabi & Ginger Popcorn

The other day the reluctant taste testers and I looked in fear and trembling at the packet of Wasabi & Sweet Ginger Popcorn from Portlebay.  And when we tried it (oh so reluctantly) we discovered it was rather good.

Spurred on by that the Chef bought this packet of popcorn from Waitrose. In fact, not this packet because he ate the first one before I got to it (well... I had other crispy snacks on my mind). And now he's eating packet number three.

Because this is really rather good. Proper popcorn in a small 25g bag, lovely sweet gingery taste and a nice hit of wasabi. And quite interestingly it is actually wasabi.

You might not be aware that much of the wasabi in this country isn't wasabi at all but a combination of horseradish and mustard. Not being a wasabi - or Japanese food - fan I didn't know this until I read an article in the Financial Times magazine. Wasabi, I read, grows in shallow streams of spring water high in the Japanese mountains. And wasabi roots cost £250 per kilo. Wow! That's a lot of money to pay for popcorn flavouring. No wonder a lot of wasabi isn't wasabi.

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