Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lay's Mix Sabor a Pizza & Extra de Queso/Queijo

The Dutch taste tester went to Barcelona the other day and very thoughtfully brought back this 170g packet of Spanish (and Portuguese) crisps for us to try.

I have read about Lay's Mix crisps on other blogs recently. They seem to be appearing all over the world except in the UK of course; we have Walkers Mix Ups instead. So pretty much a universal innovation then.

Although... when I say universal.... I've not seen many crisps featuring in SF films or TV shows (none!) so perhaps that's not quite the right word.

Anyway, the bloggers seem to feel that this new mix of flavours is a good idea. And indeed the reluctant taste testers made away with three large bowls of these crisps which is an enthusiastic response.

These are very nice crisps with a good crunch and a lovely deep golden colour. And there's the problem for me. The packet design indicates that it contains a mix of cheese flavour crisps (queso in Spanish and queijo in Portuguese) and pizza flavour. Apparently pizza is pizza or something very similar in every language I can read; I don't know how you say పిజ్జా which is Telagu for pizza, nor ភីហ្ which is Khmer (according to Google translate).
And that's a fine plan but I felt the cheese crisps, of which I only discovered two (rather tasty), were almost entirely overwhelmed by the pizza crisps. And once again with a pizza flavour crisp I wasn't that impressed. Somehow pizza crisps never taste of that really wonderful pizza you had in Rome - or what about Arthur's Pizzas we used to get on Oxford Street in Sydney? so good - but instead are like the thin floppy ones from the freezer cabinet in the supermarket.

And interestingly most of the reluctant taste testers told me they felt the pizza crisps tasted of cheap frozen pizza, but it didn't seem to stop them enjoying the crisps. Otherwise why eat three bowlsful?

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