Friday, 12 June 2015

Burt's British Hand Cooked Potato Chips Sea Salt

Road trip! Yes, we went to Devizes for the weekend and stopped (as you do) at a motorway service station. And what do we know about motorway service stations? Of course - they're an excellent source of small bags of crisps.

So here we have a nice little 40g bag of sea slat flavour crisps from Devon crispeteers Burts. Seasoned, says the packet, with a pinch of Cornish sea salt for a truly tasty flavour.

These pleasantly simple crisps taste good, crunch well, look good, smell right, and are generally what you expect from a quality crisp. And that's what you get. A quality crisp.

The packet tells me that these crisps were grown in a field called Moundsmere. Absolutely free from MSG, artificial colours and flavourings, hydrogenated fat, and gluten. And vegetarian friendly. Great! I also know that my crisps were cooked by Richard3. Hurrah!

But I confess that I'm slightly surprised we don't get told the potato variety. Not that I really care, you understand, but I have become accustomed to finding that information on crisp packets. Especially this kind of crisp packet.

Never mind. A pretty good crisp.

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