Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pom-Bear Cheese & Onion

At last another flavour of Pom-Bear.

I thought I would never find one. And especially I thought I'd never find one in a single packet because Pom-Bears almost always seem to come in multi packs. But guess what? I found this packet at a motorway service station. It's a wonder I ever attempt to shop anywhere else.

So another road trip crisp.

I have only ever tried the mysteriously named Original flavour before. I suppose it's the first flavour they created but calling it Original isn't very helpful. After all, it might be fennel flavour; it might be octopus. Although perhaps neither of these would be appropriate in a crispy snack aimed at small children, it would at least have the merit of being genuinely original.

In fact, as I remember Original is your basic salted. And now here we have Cheese & Onion. Which is, as befits this crispy snack aimed mostly at small children, a gentle cheese & onion with not too much flavour at all.

It's not a bad snack but not terrifically exciting either. The reluctant taste testers and I had no difficulty finishing the bowl I set out in the kitchen. We all admitted to liking Pom-Bears, but I suspect we all meant Original flavour. And it is Original I would buy again I think.

So there you go. Cheerful snacks (they smile), nice and bubbly in texture, good light crunch, but the flavour fades away into nothing.

Pom-Bear is a brand owned by German food giant Intersnack (great name if you're going to focus on crispy snacks) and I don't really know if these are manufactured in Germany or the UK.

And here's a great photo of Big Ben I snatched the other day when I was crossing the road in Westminster. How exhausting! I'm glad I'm not there every day. It's a battle crossing the road with 10,000 other people and a battle getting past those 10,000 people as they stop on the pavement to take  47 selfies each. But it was a lovely evening with beautiful blue skies and all that fabulous architecture was glowing in the sunshine. London at its best.

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