Saturday 13 June 2015

KP The Real McCoy's Ridge Cut Paprika

Still road trip! And another little packet of crisps from the motorway service station, this time 50g.

And lookee here!! The first packet of British crisps I've ever seen in Paprika flavour. New says the packet. So perhaps there were no Paprika crisps to find before.

Well, I have pondered this before without coming to any sensible conclusion but previously the ever popular Paprika flavour available in all sorts of European destinations just hasn't made it to the UK. And I really wondered why not.

It has now. Courtesy of McCoy's man crisps.

Yes: back to man crisps I'm afraid ladies. What is it with man crisps? We all know there are piles of crisps and crispy snacks aimed at children. And we know there are man crisps; McCoys if no other. But why aren't there any crisps aimed at women? It's a thought I may have to return to.

And anyway, in mainland Europe there are masses of Paprika flavour crisps eaten by everyone, so I don't know why McCoy's should appropriate the flavour for men.

However, not a bad ridge cut crisp with a great crunch. Not as sweet as many Paprika crisps I've tried.  Maybe less sweet to make them more manly? But in the end, pretty good. Not half bad for a first attempt.

And here are some photos of The Avenue at Avebury. Built about 2600 BC it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, owned and managed by the National Trust. Many buttercups this weekend.


  1. There's a Walker's Max paprika flavour! They've been my favourite crisps since I was tiny and though they're hard to find they are WORTH IT.

    1. Thanks Emily! I will definitely have to look out for those.
      Although... my house is overflowing with crisps just now. One of my bloggy friends sent me a food parcel from the USA so new flavours to try.