Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tyrrell's Poshcorn Sweet & Salty

We seem to be on a bit of a popcorn kick just now, and today noble friend donated a tiny 12g bag (only 62 calories) of Tyrrell's Poshcorn.

I'm not certain exactly what qualifies this Sweet & Salty popcorn to be Poshcorn. It does come in a very swanky pink bag. So it could be that. And it is very nice popcorn with hardly any of those annoying little unpopped bits of corn that get stuck in your teeth.  So maybe it's that. Who knows?

Anyway, this is pretty good popcorn with a not half bad taste. Lovely gentle sweetness, not too much saltiness. So a very nice flavour. And only 62 calories in this little bag.

Of course if you buy this bag you also buy all the other little bags that come in the multi pack. But hey! you don't have to eat them all at once. If you buy a normal size bag you get a lot more temptation.

So let's avoid temptation and enjoy this tiny amount of popcorn.

Now I've had a bit of a rant recently about crispy crunchy snacks aimed at children, and the Real McCoy's range aimed at men, and wondered why there didn't seem to be any aimed at women. And I'm wondering now; do we think this Poshcorn is aimed at women? I'm fairly sure the answer to that question is yes.

Well, OK. I'll go with that. Only, why is the packet pink? And why is the number of calories printed on the front of the bag? Thinks.....

Really? I mean really? Do the marketers really think that women will only buy something that's low calorie and comes in a pink bag? That's so tragic. Plus, of course, it means that Tyrrell's don't expect to sell any of this Poshcorn to men.

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