Saturday, 30 August 2014

ROKA Cheese Crispies Gouda Cheese with Pesto

Last year I wrote about the fantastic ROKA Cheese Crispies. Time now for a quick note on the very fabulous (but perhaps not quite so fantastic as the original) pesto version. The tin I bought came with one baggie of original flavour Crispies, and one baggie of pesto.

I got a tin for the Chef and me for Christmas last year, and several more for Christmas presents, and we ate the original flavour Crispies at once. But we saved the modern pesto version for later... and now we've finished the Pesto Crispies too.

It was always going to be hard for these pesto crispy crunchy biscuity things to compete with one of my very favourite snacks but I have to say these don't do a bad job. Which is pretty amazing as I recently decided I don't actually like pesto.

Light as a feather with a soft crunch that feels just right. Slightly oily but in a good way (I can't explain). Cheesy and pesto-y. Delicious. They fall apart really easily but it doesn't matter. It's fun chasing the crumbs.

I don't know what it is: they're just so good. Highly recommended. 10/10. although you should know that the original flavour rates 11 at least. Possibly more...

Update: the lovely people at ROKA sent me a food parcel because they read how much I love their Cheese Crispies. How generous is that? And a packet of Cheese Crispies with Pesto was included.

As the Chef and I had already tried some of these I ripped open this packet for the reluctant taste testers at work. So not long past 9 o'clock yesterday morning instead of having breakfast we were all snacking on these superb cheesy snacks. And everyone agreed they are simply delicious. The pesto flavour, it was agreed, seems to be more of a hint of pesto than a great big wallop of flavour, but this was felt to be a good thing. And then everyone greedily had another, and possibly another.  There weren't many crumbs but they were very soon hoovered up.

So a great big thank you to ROKA. And more exciting reviews to come because my food parcel was huge! And many thanks also to the Netherlands postal service who delivered my parcel amazingly quickly. Who knew I was an internationally renowned food writer eh?

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