Monday, 18 August 2014

Zweifel World Champion Chips Macaronis du Chalet

Another World Cup 2014 flavour from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel. And this is their choice for a typical  Swiss flavour. Macaronis du Chalet or Älplermagronen is a dish you might expect to find at a mountain restaurant, perhaps right at the top of the mountain where there is nowhere else to eat. I gather this macaroni dish may include bacon or tomato or both, or perhaps neither. But the portions are usually big enough to feed three.

In fact, I remember we went to the restaurant at the top of the Gornergrat Bahn above Zermatt some years ago, and my friend Lynn ordered the Älpler-Makkaroni mit Apfelmus; which is basically macaroni cheese with apple sauce. Which was different.
The crisps are the usual fine cut from Zweifel, perhaps rather paler in colour than normal and mostly a lot smaller than normal crisps. They have a great cheesy aroma, a good light crunch, and a pleasant creamy "macaroni cheese" sort of taste.

The ingredients include onion and cheese, and whey powder. And the traditional "natural flavour" which as so often I found myself wondering what it means.

I tried these at home and then again on the reluctant taste testers at work. And we decided they were very very cheesy indeed but you can't taste the macaroni. As pasta doesn't taste of anything very much on its own perhaps that's no surprise. Very pleasant crisps but nothing madly exciting.

You can read about Zweifel's German World Cup 2014 flavour here.

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