Friday, 29 August 2014

Mackie's of Scotland Mature Cheddar & Onion

Ever hopeful, and as I happened to be catching another train from Sion station (in Switzerland), I picked up a second bag of Mackie's of Scotland crisps. Yes, we were in the Aperto shop buying another cup of coffee (no small bottle of wine this time) and a bag of crisps.

Well I don't really know what to say. Scottish crisps in Switzerland still seems so weird.

But I must admit I'm quite disappointed that whoever started exporting (or importing) Scottish crisps to Switzerland stopped short at the haggis flavour. That would be interesting to try but perhaps the Swiss didn't fancy it.

Anyway, after trying the sea salt flavour the other day, we thought we'd try cheese & onion. I took the crisp photo on the train and the blue you can see is my jeans. Crisp packets are more see-through than you suppose. No. I never thought about it either before I started writing this blog. But you can't see the mature cheddar golden of the crisps; that's what you get for wearing jeans while undertaking serious food photography!

Anyhow: not bad. The Chef and I liked these a lot more than we did the sea salt flavour. They still didn't smell quite right when I opened the packet. I think smell is very important but I've discovered that many people don't seem to consider it as much as I do. But the taste is not bad.

It's a gentle, rather sweet cheese and onion flavour. Not too much onion and I guess that must be the mature cheddar coming through. Plenty of flavour dust.

Still not as nice as they might be though. So I'm still wishing I was writing a better review.

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