Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Zweifel Snacketti Hearts Lovely Salted

What? I kid you not. This crispy snack flavour is called "lovely salted". I checked that the snack isn't called Hearts Lovely, and the flavour salted. But no.

So here we have a rather charming extruded potato snack (potato starch and potato flour) fashioned into a lattice and then folded into a hollow heart shape. The flavour is made from salt, onion, natural flavours (which natural flavours we wonder yet again?) and seasoning (which contains sugar and flavour enhancers). A bit of a mystery then.

However, it is a very nice slightly salty crunchy snack. For British readers, they're a little like Quavers in texture but you can't burst the bubbles on your tongue. And I can't quite work out what the lattice reminds me of.

I probably would not have tried this crispy snack if I hadn't been on the lookout for interesting Swiss crisps. And then I would have missed a tasty treat. I'm not crazy about the masses of people on the packet all waving their arms in the air. Is this a snack to be eaten at a rave I ask myself? Reserved for people at festivals? Who can say. But it looks as though Snacketti is Zweifel's brand they aim at younger snackers and I guess the packaging is designed with this in mind.

What I can say is that I enjoyed this little heart-shaped snack and would buy it again. Perhaps not a product for your posh cocktail parties, but while watching NCIS or Alerte Cobra on the screen of your choice? Absolutely.

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