Thursday, 28 August 2014

Chio Oven Chips Sour Cream

As far as I can tell (reading the packaging) these crisps are made in Germany. So why the product description "Oven Chips Sour Cream" is in English is anyone's guess.

Chio is owned by Intersnack and judging from the ingredients list Chio products are available  in Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia, and Bulgaria. But not Britain. Which is a shame because they're rather tasty. And I can't help feeling that the residents of Slovenia, Romania, Hungary etc etc would not object to the product description being in German.

Weirdly it looks as though you can buy this Intersnack product almost all over Europe except in the UK or (for some reason) Slovakia. I say for some reason when it comes to Slovakia but not for the UK because I am accustomed to almost everything about the UK being different for some silly reason. And mostly we wish it wasn't different. But there we are.

Ah.... it seems Intersnack has a special brand, or perhaps brands, for Slovakia. But I can't seem to access the Slovakian part of their website. So no further information available on this gripping fact I'm afraid.

Anyhow, this is a rather good fine crinkle cut crisp with a light sprinkling of little green herby bits (parsley and chives). The crisps themselves are, just as shown on the packaging, mostly not very crisp-shaped. It's quite an odd shape which doesn't look like a slice of potato, and in fact, as these are made from potato starch and maize starch there really is no reason why they shouldn't be a completely fake shape.

A very good flavour crisp that tastes just like a top quality sour cream and chive dip. Recommended.

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