Sunday, 3 August 2014

M&S Ever So Posh Parmesan Asparagus & Truffle

A very grand-sounding crisp flavour from the always dependable (and usually delicious) Ever so Posh range at Marks.

I photographed these crisps in one of the lovely new bowls I bought in Tetbury. And you can see the crisps are cooked with their skins on. What you cannot see is that the bowl has a very pretty bird pattern.

When the beautiful brown bag is first opened there is a lovely waft of parmesan aroma that promises much from these handsome crisps. But I'm not really convinced.

True, the parmesan taste is very nice. But what does asparagus really taste of? Yes of course I've eaten asparagus. Not millions of times; enough to know I can taste it when I eat it but not perhaps enough to remember what it tastes of when it's not right in front of me. So I honestly cannot
detect the asparagus flavour here. And same for the truffle. I don't get that at all. Is it just me? I don't know. But basically what I've got is a parmesan flavoured crisp.

Good crunch, nice golden colour. All the usual. But I'm not that impressed. It's as though someone thought of a grand sounding combination of flavours and came up with this. Again, it could just be me. I think M&S have been selling these for a couple of years now. Someone must be buying them.

It's a shame that the asparagus on the packaging looks just like asparagus, the parmesan looks fairly like a chunk of parmesan, but the truffle looks like a small sponge. You know, a proper sponge from the sea. Perhaps truffles don't translate very well into packaging design? I do rather wonder what the artist thought when presented with this crisp flavour to illustrate.


  1. Ever onwards, ever discovering new flavours of crisps (is that 136 so far?). I admire your paean to that least humble of foods - the crisp.

  2. Thank you Alan! Ever onwards indeed. And having just driven through France and stopped at several of their wonderful service stations we have 16 flavours to try. And that's before we went shopping here in Switzerland. The number of different varieties of crisp out there is truly amazing. Did you see I managed to find a bag of Seabrooks to try? Superb.


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