Thursday, 21 August 2014

Zweifel original chips Nature

Basically the ready salted flavour - sea salt - crisp from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel. And extremely good they are too.

We went to the Fondation Pierre Gianadda at Martigny to see the summer exhibition. Works by Renoir borrowed from museums like the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and other big international galleries in Moscow or Basle, but also from quite a number of lesser-known or completely private collections. That's what's so nice about the exhibitions at the Fondation Gianadda; you often get to see works of art which are not usually on show. So you get a really well-known painting hanging next to something that may never have been seen by the general public before. And although Martigny is very near the Swiss border with both France and Italy, the gallery is not completely mobbed so you can get close to the art works and really see them.
Also on show were some lovely photographs by Michel Darbellay of the Fondation's collection of sculpture, and some amazing original designs for stained glass windows in two chapels in Martigny.

Exhausted by all this art and culture we sat down in the cafe and had a glass of wine and a coffee. And a packet of Zweifel crisps. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Zweifel don't muck about with fancy packaging. They don't mess with crinkles for their crisps (they have other brands for that as we shall see). But they do make great crisps.

Not quite as good as Seabrooks from Yorkshire (which is a superb crisp) but still pretty sensational.

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