Saturday, 23 August 2014

Boxerchips Savagely Salted

Flying home from Geneva to London Southend I bought a packet of crisps on the plane. Not, you understand, because I felt under-crisped, but because they were there. And then I put them in my bag because the packet looked difficult to open. And how right I was.

You get a red bag with a cardboard box in it. and the box has instructions on how to open it which I completely failed to follow. I can only suppose that these crisps are sold on the plane because the box makes them easy to stack without crushing the crisps, but I found the packaging very difficult to get into.

Boxerchips are made by the Boxerchips Company based in Dublin and I confess I never heard of them before. I think they're owned by Spudmuckers Ltd but I never heard of them either. Here's the website.

The crisps are made of potatoes, salt and sunflower oil. Nothing else. And they are rather good.

The package says 40g which is less than 1.5oz so you don't get a lot of crispy goodness for the huge price charged by the airline. I think you get even less than you might because presumably that 40g includes the weight of the cardboard. But I guess if you buy them from an actual shop they can't cost quite so much.

The packaging includes a little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly. I'm afraid he is a bit stout as though he has been eating too many crisps. And then there's the little stick man driving the tractor across the crunchy crisp mountain. He must be a hard working farmer who doesn't have time to slump around snacking.

I like the flavour "savagely salted but not indecently so". I also like the little bit of Latin text "optimus crustulum potatus obvious universitas" which Google Translate magically tells me means "best cookies in the world scornfully"!! How fabulous is that?

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