Thursday, 25 September 2014

Walkers Ranch Raccoon

What? Ranch Raccoon? What kind of a flavour is that for a crisp you ask? And well may you ask because raccoon is not your typical British flavour for... well, let's be honest, anything.

Someone called Robert suggested Ranch Raccoon (with sour cream from Dorset), and someone at Walkers obviously thought it would be a good idea for their Do Us a Flavour campaign. Interesting. If you would like to vote for this flavour by all means do but I'm not sure that I will. Sorry Robert.

Obviously no raccoons were harmed in the making of these crisps which has got to be a good thing. Because, although they are dreadful pests in North America, they are so charming with the food washing and the dear little hands.... It is a very weird idea though.

And I'm fascinated that the crisps are advertised as made with sour cream from Dorset. Which I am sure is delicious but it isn't exactly raccoon. The flavour seems to be mostly made of milk products and parsley. Hey ho. Vegetarian? Yup.

Anyway, I tried these on the reluctant taste testers at work and they were, for the most part, not mad keen. One reviewer said (and I totally agree with her) that these crisps taste of not very nice, rather fatty, roast beef sandwich made with roast beef that was left out all night. And yes, I know that is a very specific critique but we all are highly trained crisp tasters these days. There's a new member of staff starting next week; I shall have to start training him.

Verdict? Not mad keen. Which is a shame because we had high expectations.

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