Saturday, 27 September 2014

Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Groove Cut Crisps

Wow these crisps have a very exciting flavour. The ingredients include Reggae Reggae Sauce which is made with scotch bonnet chillis, garlic, spring onions, tomato puree, vinegar, herbs and spices. And then they added more tomato, pepper, pimento, lemon juice, nutmeg, parsley and cinnamon. Plus the ever popular "natural flavouring".

And they are described as medium hot (only two out of three peppers). Well, they are super tasty. I can certainly vouch for that.

Made by Burts Potato Chips in Devon under licence from Reggae Reggae foods. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

This is a sensible 40g bag. Which is great because I'm not sure I would have ventured to buy a larger one; this sort of flavour is a little bit exciting for my taste.

I always prefer to try a new flavour in a small packet otherwise you can end up throwing perfectly good food away simply because you don't like it. Which is a terribly guilty thing to do. It's even worse than stopping reading a book because you aren't enjoying it although I'm a lot happier to abandon an unhappy choice than I used to be. Luckily I have the reluctant taste testers at work but even so some bags of crisps go into the bin. Thus the fate of Lay's Cappuccino crisps which we tried recently. But not these.

Now for something a bit different [it says on the vibrant yellow back of the packaging] I wanted to lively up crisps so I've created something a bit funky with a true Jamaican kick! With a dash of of herbs and spice my Reggae Reggae crisps are great to enjoy.

Quite dark; it must be all that seasoning, quite crunchy, quite ridgy, extremely tasty. Dangerously hot.

I'm afraid I had never heard of Levi Roots but he obviously gets about quite a bit what with all his music and the cooking and the food empire. Here's a handy wikipedia page to get you up to speed if you are as ignorant as I am, and here's his own webpage - if you check this out do not omit to choose a song; brilliant!

Put some music in your food!

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