Monday, 22 September 2014

Walkers Pulled Pork in a Sticky BBQ Sauce

Another exotic and unusual crisp from the Walkers Do Us a Flavour range. Pulled pork in a sticky BBQ sauce: flavour with pork from Norfolk. Wow: it actually has genuine pork in the recipe. I get so fed up with crisp flavours that sound suitable for carnivores but are actually vegetarian. So, not suitable for vegetarians.

Quite a strong barbecue flavour and not a bad taste if you like that sort of thing. Which you'll know I don't really. There's a sort of sticky sweet flavour, and a smokey barbecue thing, but guess what? I really never noticed there was actual meat involved. You might suppose one would notice - but no.

As we know, Walkers are running a Do us a Flavour vote on six different new flavours. You can read about this here, and about Paul, who thought this flavour would be a great idea.

I have to say I'm not convinced. But then (a) I'm not mad for "BBQ" flavour, and (b) I seem to be the only person in Britain who has avoided eating a "pulled" something over the last year. Almost everywhere you go food is pulled. Which, and it took me just ages to discover this, means that it has been cooked really slowly so that you can pull it apart with forks. After all these centuries developing knife technology we have to eat food pulled apart with a fork now?

Well, you know, they're not disgusting or anything. But I really wouldn't bother buying them again. Sorry Paul.

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