Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Walkers Cheesy Beans on Toast

And here we have a second choice from Walkers Do Us a Flavour range: Cheesy Beans on Toast. This flavour was created by Emma C from Gloucestershire and you can read about her here.

I think the reluctant taste testers at work and I, and the Chef, were all a little bit disappointed that this wasn't such a good crisp as the Chip Shop Chicken Curry flavour.

On first bite you get a lot of cheese (cheddar from Somerset apparently), and then you get a great big whack of tomato sauce. I'm not convinced you can taste any beans though. And the aftertaste isn't the best.

Suitable for vegetarians, as they should be, with no artificial colours or preservatives. And it doesn't seem as though there are any tomatoes in these crisps. So where does the tomato sauce flavour come from I wonder?

And what's going on with the packaging? Each crisp has a different colour bag but the design is always the same. So far, so that's what you normally get. But the design shows a tomato, basil leaves (I think), pepper corns, a red chilli, star anise and half a fig. Half a fig? Actually in rather small print it says "images are for illustrative purposes only" but really! Unless you read the small print you're definitely going to think these crisps are made with fig which does seem a little odd. Especially when you don't usually add fig to cheese on toast. Well, I wouldn't.

Not really terribly impressed. Sorry Emma C.

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