Friday, 12 September 2014

ROKA Cheese Puffs Gouda Cheese Olive

Here is definite proof that the brain doesn't know what it likes as well as the taste buds do.

I looked at these Cheese Puffs from the lovely people at ROKA in the Netherlands and thought well, I don't like olives, so I'm going to take these in for the reluctant taste testers at work to try.

I've eaten olives in Cyprus and Italy where they grow olives. I think I've probably eaten them in Sydney which has a mediterranean climate (warm wet westerly winds in winter they taught us at school). But I can never seem to fancy olives in the UK. The weather isn't right. Not even in a really hot summer. Or something. A friend tells me you sometimes have to practise liking certain sorts of foods and I think she's probably right. I guess for me that includes olives... and I haven't practised enough.

So I took these Cheese Puffs to work and what a mistake that was! Everybody just loved them. And so did I. But I only got one. And one to take home for the Chef to try. And he liked them too.

Remember, ROKA Cheese Puffs come in a plastic tray in a silver baggie inside a cardboard box so you don't get very many Puffs in each box. Which I can understand because they are fragile creations and need careful packaging so they don't fall apart.

I'm not convinced this crispy crunchy snack actually tastes of olives. But I can exclusively report that the taste is simply superb. There is certainly lots of yummy herbiness going on and I was too busy enjoying that to pause to consider the olives (or lack of the same).

We didn't heat them in the oven because we don't have an oven at the office - and I'm not sure putting them in the microwave would be a help. But if heating these Cheesy Puffs would make them better.... wow!

Yes, ROKA has done it again; another delicious crispy snack. Delicious delicious delicious.

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