Tuesday 23 September 2014

Lay's Cappuccino

I think I've said before that sometimes the mind thinks it won't like something and the taste buds say "No, you're wrong; this is delicious". But sometimes the mind is right. Oh yes.

My Dear Friend from Buffalo was coming over from the United States and I asked her to bring some crazy flavour crisps that I knew I could never get over here.

Lay's (US for Walkers*) currently have a Do Us a Flavour (I mean Flavor) competition and they have chosen cappuccino as one of their new flavours. You can read all about it here.  Seriously??? Cappuccino flavour for a crisp?

We tried them at home. I wasn't impressed. Dear Friend from Buffalo wasn't impressed. The Chef took 3 and gave 2 back. He wasn't impressed.

I took them into work and tried them on the reluctant taste testers. They weren't impressed either.

You can sort of taste the cappuccino I suppose, although as I drink black coffee this doesn't really appeal to me, and there's a lot of sugar and cinnamon going on. They really tasted a lot more like a biscuit (or cookie) than a potato crisp. But what was really weird was that several of us thought these crisps tasted of coconut; which is not on this list of ingredients at all. And I don't like coconut at all so that didn't help.

Reasonable size, good crunch, the flavour dust is quite dark (all that coffee seasoning). No caffeine - is that disappointing? I can't quite decide if a coffee flavour crisp should include caffeine but I drink decaf instant so what do I know? Anyhow, we really thought the whole concept of a cappuccino flavour crisp was really wrong.

Sort of fun to try. Still wrong.

* In fact Walkers is UK for Lay's: you can only get Walkers crisps here it seems, but you can get Lay's all over the place.

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