Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pret a Manger Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar

Bags of obsession says the blurb on the bag.

Apparently Pret a Manger have a Crisp Cook called Mrs Julie and she is obsessed with getting her crisps extra special.

She selects only the finest potatoes, sharpens her blades to guarantee a super thin cut, cooks the crisps to an enviable tan, tumbles the potatoes in the seasoning and pops them in the bags. OK. But that's what lots of crisp manufacturers want me to think (apart from the Mrs Julie bit)

However, in my opinion these aren't bad. So maybe the blurb is correct and not just blurb.

There isn't a Pret near where I live or work so I picked these up at Luton Airport. Well, there isn't a lot to do at an airport apart from shop. Obviously some people will be after a new bikini or a different brand of aftershave. But me? I'm on the look out for exotic crisps.

Very nice crisps these. Good crunch; a little harder than some but not too much. Normal size crisps, normal colour. So normal I didn't take a photograph. And a lovely light salt and vinegar flavour. Very nice indeed.

40g of crisps in this bag and they went very quickly. I would certainly buy these again.

And a great small bag! I approve.

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