Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kettle Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese

Here we have a handsome cheese flavoured isosceles-triangle-shaped nacho crispy crunchy snack. Pretty good and very very cheesy. I really can't remember the last time I tried a crisp that claimed to taste of cheese and actually did taste of cheese. (You'd think they would because it sounds like an easy flavour but mostly they don't taste of cheese at all.)

This is a big triangle with loads of tasty flavour dust. Quite a dark orange so there's lots of paprika colouring; very corny because tortilla chips always do have a big corn taste; lots of crunch and a great taste of nacho cheese and cheddar and double gloucester cheese. Amazingly cheesy.

Quite a lot of ingredients including buttermilk, cream, butter (all dried obvs), red peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, and "natural flavouring" (what?).

The whole triangles are fabulous but sadly my packet had all too many breakages which was disappointing. I'd be sorry if every packet is so full of broken chips but I don't remember treating my packet particularly roughly. What a shame. Because, as I say, the whole triangles are wonderful. And big.

The beautiful red packaging is wonderful too. A lovely plain design. Plain and uncluttered. I really approve. On the back we have exciting and important news about the Flavour Fiesta. And an apology because the packaging is not currently recyclable.

I tried these on the reluctant taste testers at work who seemed to approve. And at home? They went down well here too. Not bad.

Crispy texture where you can taste the corn (says the packaging), seasoned with great tasting ingredients. As ever there's no artificial colours, artificial flavours or added MSG. Perhaps that's something to do with the mystery "natural flavouring".

Suitable for vegetarians (but best avoided I imagine if you have an allergy to milk products), and here's another crispy snack you need to keep away from bright light. I still think this is weird. Perhaps I will get to the bottom of that one day. And made in Spain. Spain? I know.

I haven't tried them with dips but I am certain they would work just fine.

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