Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tyrrell's Hand Cooked Lightly Sea Salted

I thought perhaps these lightly salted crisps might be a good antidote to over-complicated flavours like Tesco's goat's cheese and sticky chilli jam or the weirdness of M&S kale crisps with cashew butter.

Perfectly ordinary-looking potato crisps, hand cooked with a nice crunch; the only thing wrong with these very pleasant crisps is that they don't have quite enough taste. In fact the Lightly Sea Salted flavour does not have quite enough salt for me.

I read somewhere that some people have more taste buds than others. I know. It is terribly tempting to fancy yourself to be suffering from whatever ghastly ailment you read about online, but honestly I think this might be me. I have always wanted to add extra salt or more parmesan or another squeeze of lemon to whatever I am about to eat. And being me, I've done just that.

I always loved the little blue baggie of salt you got with old fashioned crisps. You could add as much or as little salt as you wanted. But you can't really add salt to modern lightly salted crisps. It doesn't seem to work. Anyway, I'm supposed to be taste testing these as they are and not mucking about with the flavour to suit myself.

So, the verdict? Very nice crisps. Tyrrell's make great crisps. But not enough saltiness for my (probably over-worked) taste buds. And needless to say I failed to win the uncomfortably long handshake - or even the £25,000 prize in the online draw. Typical.

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