Sunday, 11 May 2014

M&S Beetroot Vinaigrette Crisps

M&S Beetroot Vinaigrette Crisps. Crunchy dried beetroot slices with a vinaigrette seasoning. One of your five a day.

My goodness. These crunchy slices of beetroot crisp are very very crunchy indeed. And purple? Probably the most purple thing you could possibly imagine in the crispy crunch department. And in fact pretty purple in general.

These beetroot crisps have a very beetrooty flavour, so not suitable for anyone searching for a healthy crisp but they don't actually enjoy beetroot. Some of the crisps taste purely of beetroot while others are flavoured with the lemony garlic vinaigrette.

I quite like the earthy taste of beetroot. This is possibly because it was never forced on me when I was a child; my mother had far too much of it in WWII and never ate it unless she absolutely had to. She said beetroot in fruit salad was a memory too ghastly to contemplate and to be honest I can't really blame her. So I understand it isn't to everyone's taste. And I do rather wonder how popular these are going to be. Still, M&S obviously think they're on to a good thing with their new healthy range of crispy things so I guess we'll see.

One of my work colleagues bought these and then decided they weren't really her thing. She put a bowl in the kitchen for the reluctant taste testers to sample and they don't seem to have been mad keen either.

I think I rather prefer my crispy snacks to be made of potato or maize but for a real change these are quite interesting. I don't think I could eat a whole 60g packet on their own but maybe they would work well as part of a salady supper with houmous or tzatziki.


  1. I was looking forward to these seeing as my favourite of the veggie crisps are the beetroot ones. Unfortunately these are totally different - unlike the normal veggie ones, these appear to be pickled and then freeze dried, they are also very expensive at £1 a packet. They are absolutely disgusting, the earthy taste is fine, but they all stodge up in your mouth after eating only a few. If only they had decided to make them like the veggie crisps and maybe added the vinaigrette afterwards kind of like a salt and vinegar flavoured beetroot crisp.

    I can't imagine them staying around for long, in fact I have no idea how they got through any kind of taste-testing. Perhaps you could use a couple as an interesting (and inedible) garnish, I can't imagine them being good for anything else.

    1. Thanks for your interesting comments Anonymous. I'm not convinced these qualify as absolutely disgusting but they are pretty dire as crispy snacks go. It's a shame because the vinaigrette was rather tasty. And I like the watercolour of beetroot on the packet.


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