Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Llama's BBQ Whole Wheat Baked Bites

A second Llama flavour and just as much fun as the first I tried which you can read about here.

And the reluctant taste testers at work seemed quite keen too. Particularly Jo, who comes to us in the holidays and does all manner of things in the office from scanning and filing to building Ikea furniture. He's much more open to trying weird crisp flavours than some.

The flavour is supposed to be BBQ which you may remember I'm not always mad about, but it's a gentle BBQ here. Laid carefully over the essentially digestive biscuit taste of the whole wheat llamas.

I know. It does sound a bit strange but somehow it works. Not a crunchy crispy snack for everyday perhaps, but actually really tasty and fun too. I find people remember snacks that come in crazy shapes and llamas are certainly memorable.

And they're actually really tiny. Each little biscuity llama is only 15mm high and maybe 8mm wide. When I opened the first packet I don't really know quite what I was expecting - but something larger than 15mm high.

Great little snack. Highly recommended. (From Mr Tesco again so I had to trek to Finchley Central.)

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