Monday 12 May 2014

M&S Salt & Pepper Kale Crisps

Hmmn... Salt & Pepper Kale Crisps coated in a cashew butter.

I'm honestly not convinced this is a good idea. For a start these crispy crunchy things look awfully like deep fried nettles covered in dried mud. The bag does tell me that kale can vary in appearance throughout the year with no effect on kale crisp crunchiness (I am very tempted to type kale krisp krunchiness), so perhaps this is the time of year for the deep fried nettle look. And then there's the cashew butter which is the bit that looks like mud.

The crunch is quite good (although a duller crunch than you get from a potato crisp) and the salt and pepper added to the cashew, with a hearty splash of zesty lemon, is also quite nice. There's a good lot of flavour going on. But I do sort of get the impression the whole thing could be achieved with seaweed or even nettles. Or maybe plain old cabbage.

Unfortunately a disappointingly high proportion of the crisps in this 25g bag seem to have fallen into crumbs. So what you get might be added to some breadcrumbs and used to coat chicken goujons. It might be quite nice. But it's not what you expect when you buy a bag of crisps.

Obviously we all know that kale is supposed to be madly good for you so I suppose these crisps are intended to be a healthy option for your crunch at lunch. They are part of M&S's eat well range and the bag tells us the contents are a source of vitamin E. Although according to Wikipedia kale is a source of vitamins C and K but not E so that's not at all confusing.

I think these strange crispy kale thingies are a bit too healthy for me so I'm probably not going to try them again. Maybe I'm just missing my usual crunchy potatoey goodness. But it is a pity that I'm left with lots of bits of stuff stuck in my teeth. And on top of that, well, honestly the look is not very prepossessing.

Very very extremely weird. I suspect there may be more fun ways to eat kale. But then I'd have no excuse to write about it.

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