Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Goalden Wonder Golden Balls

This snack from Goalden Wonder (usually Golden Wonder) may or may not be linked to the forthcoming football World Cup in Russia. The packet makes no mention of the World Cup. Although obviously there is a big green football pitch strewn with golden footballs on the packet.

 It does say You're bound to score with these all-round favourites that deliver more punch than crunch. They are fully flavoured with our tongue tingling cheesy oomph which goes round and round and round.

Yes. C'mon and share some golden cheesy balls from Goalden Wonder. It is a bit odd that the football imagery is so obvious and yet not mentioned. You might think you were imagining it if it were not for the football pitch and the goal. And... the Goalden Wonder.

I am sorry to report that despite much anticipation the reluctant taste testers and I were not terribly impressed with this crispy snack. The golden balls don't have the fabulous dusting of orange flavour dust we expect from Wotsits or M&S Cheese Tasters which is disappointing. And the texture is far too dry. I ate one golden ball and founded myself choking on the dust dry puffed corn and potato snack. And not very cheesy.

What a pity. Because they look so tasty. But all is not lost because taste tester from the New Forest was very taken this this crispy snack.

I'm still thinking of the seriously fabulous Kims Ostepops. Trouble is, if you've tried what seems to be the very best, the also rans struggle to win any taste test.

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