Thursday, 12 July 2018

Seabrook With a Twist Barbecue Flavour Spiral Popped Snack

What is it about spirals as a shape for crispy snacks? Why do I somehow feel I ought not to like them? I don’t really know why that is. But I always seem to enjoy spirals quite a lot.

And despite, as regular readers well know, not being mad about barbecue as a flavour I found myself rather enjoying this packet of spirals too. Which is a good thing as I like to support Seabrooks as (I hope) a proper British company (with any luck) not owned by a mega-giant multi-corp. Made with pride since 1945.

And here's a major surprise though. I didn't notice until just now as I sit here writing, and I'm pretty sure none of the reluctant taster testers noticed, that this crispy snack is made with peas. Peas?

Now you may recall I've written up pea-based snacks before and not had much good to say about them. But this is a whole nother story.

The back of the packet (always read the back of the packet crisp fans: it probably tells you more than you thought you needed to know) tell me this crispy snack is made of yellow pea flour. Also potato starch and rice starch. What a surprise! I guess that's the twist in the name.

Seabrooks tell us they have unleashed the power of the humble pea. Popped and twisted for a crunch that's lower in fat (80% less fat than regular potato crisps apparently) and full of flavour. Some say it's impossible to make such a healthy snack so tasty. For us it's easy peasy.

Judge for yourself! Stop reading and start eating. Well, I really have to say I am impressed. I'm willing to bet the reluctant taste testers will be too. And the Chef was mightily surprised.

Slightly odd that the lilac packaging is decorated with images of tomatoes and garlic cloves but this crispy snack is suitable for vegetarians.

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