Saturday, 21 July 2018

Snatt's Mediterraner Snack Tomate und Oregano

More of a biscuitty crispy snack than what we usually taste test, this brodsnack mid tomato und oregano (German) or pane con pomodoro e origano (Italian) or bread with tomato and oregano... bread? What an off-putting way to describe a snack.

So, more of a biscuitty snack. And very tasty with it.

I have been very slow writing up what the reluctant taste testers thought. And I hardly remember what they said. But I think it was pretty positive. But I know the Chef liked this Spanish snack very much. Hang about... this snack was made in Valencia (Spain) it says here. Why no Spanish text on the packet? That's a bit odd.

Well anyway. I thought this was rather moreish and so did the Chef and so I daresay we'll be seeking out another packet next time we are in Switzerland. Which is where I found this.

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