Friday, 6 October 2017

Sea Chips Hand Crafted Salmon Skin Crisps Salt & Vinegar

Salmon Skin Crisps? Gasp! Who thought of that? Well, apparently some people called Sea Chips (established 2016) did. They have a website, and an Instagram account and they want you to know it's all about saving waste (because most people throw the skin of the salmon away),  and eating yummy stuff.
Apparently fish skin snacks are big in Eastern cultures where perfectly ordinary people think it's a perfectly ordinary food (possibly even a food group?), so why could it not be a success here? I gather they're great with beer and dips. Sounds promising doesn't it, even though you never thought of it before?

But there is major obstacle in my way here: I don't eat fish. I was in a very fancy restaurant in France recently and the amuse bouche was a little shot glass of sea food. So I thought, OK, I've said for years I don't like seafood so naturally I never order it; now's my chance to prove myself wrong. Because almost everyone I know loves seafood and sushi and fish and chips and they all think I'm a bit odd. Could it be that I am wrong?

No. I'm not wrong. My tastebuds tell me seafood is horrible. And why is it so chewy? I tried. Honest.

However, I am pretty sure all the rest of the reluctant taste testers eat fish enthusiastically. In fact I know that Dutch taste tester, who has left us forever in search of a shorter commute, will be sorry not to have the opportunity to comment. Being Dutch she is accustomed to eating a lot of stuff that I think is weird and I would have valued her opinion.  Well, we'll have to manage without her and if she wants to join in she needs to visit Harrods Food Hall which is where I discovered this interesting snack.

And so.... well, Senior taste tester was not impressed, and Tall Elegant taste tester really didn't like them despite making very positive noises at the concept. Tech taste tester, however, said he quite liked them. "It's sort of like fish scratchings" he said, "I quite like them." I wish I could report a more enthusiastic response but truthfully this very fishy crispy snack was not really for us and certainly not for me.

Of course we failed to try this extremely fishy snack with a dip. Or with a beer.

A shame Still a Student taste tester has gone back to uni, because she's a pescatarian.

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