Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Nongshim Sweet Potato Snack

Another offering from Tall Elegant taste tester, this bag of rather sweet crispy snacks came from the local Japanese shop.

The shape is a bit odd: I thought rails (from your crispy snack model railway) but Tech taste tester thought perhaps dentures? Whatever, they are a species of extruded crispy snack in a faux chip (French fry) shape but with added texture. And a shiny glaze. And added black sesame seeds chucked on for good measure.

I think most of the reluctant taste testers quite liked this crispy snack. But there's no denying it is a bit weird. So sweet it's like a breakfast cereal in disguise. I honestly quite liked the flavour although I couldn't work out what the flavour actually is; we couldn't detect any sweet potato (and who knew you could get white sweet potatoes?), and somehow none of us could eat very many.

I think the sweetness makes it a bit too weird for the London palate but you never can tell and I am sure there'll be someone out there, probably a Korean someone, who will be thrilled to find them for sale in North London.
not sure about the super relaxed sweet potato on the packet...

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