Tuesday 28 January 2014

Kolak Hot & Spicy Crisps Chilli & Lemon Flavour

So I went to the inefficient local post office to send a package of discarded Marcus Didius Falco books by Lindsey Davis (I had two of each) to my brother who reads them too, and suddenly noticed they have a limited supply of crisps on sale.

Maybe I'm really unobservant and it's only recently that I've noticed this - or maybe it's a new departure - but I find that quite a lot of local shops sell crisps on a shelf about knee high. It's not normally where I look but silly me. Evidently I've been missing out because look here; the post office sells crisps I've not seen before. And in small 28g bags too.

I don't know Kolak Snack Foods but they appear to be based in North West London, which as luck would have it, is where I live. Pretty much. Not terrifically impressed with their website which seems to be full of broken links, and at the same time under construction, but the crisps are OK.

The crisps are quite small, finer than average for these days and with a light crunch. And I was sorry to see that there was quite a lot of breakage but that doesn't affect the taste. The colour is a much darker orange than the photograph shows. That'll be the chilli powder and paprika. And the chilli and lemon flavour? Amazing.

I didn't finish the packet because these crisps really are very hot and spicy and I found them a little bit too spicy for my taste. But I tried them out on the reluctant taste testers at work and apart from the senior taste tester (founder member of the crisp club) everyone seemed to approve. Even the extremely picky tall taste tester gave them 10/10.

Lovely chilli flavour and lots of lemon too. Well done. Yes, we approve.

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