Sunday 12 January 2014

KP Wheat Crunchies Crispy Bacon

In the spirit of trying more bacony flavour crispy snacks I'm now trying these rather strange "wheaty tubes with a serious crunch". Or that's what it says on the packet. 

It's true. They do have a serious crunch. And supposing they really are made of wheat (and I don't see why not because it's on the ingredients list) they are wheaty tubes: 50mm or 2" long. So quite big. And you can see right through the tube.

The smell is... not so much crispy bacon as a fake crispy bacon crisp flavour. Perhaps that's not surprising as there doesn't appear to be any actual bacon involved. And the colour of course comes, as so often, from paprika.

It says here that Wheat Crunchies contain no artificial colours or flavours, and no MSG. I wonder how they've managed to make the taste so fake then?

It's a shame that this crispy snack is so greasy tasting. Not very nice and leaving a greasy feel in my mouth. The flavour dust tastes better on its own than on the snack. But it stays on your fingers for a long time. Even after a very thorough hand wash.

What a pity. This was part three of my crispy birthday present. Still, the first two packets I tried were very good so I won't feel too bad about saying: very sorry KP but I'm not going to finish the packet.

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  1. please dont disrespect wheat crunchies again #wheatcrunchiesgang