Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tesco Finest Hand Cooked Cornish Sea Salt & West Country Cider Vinegar

So. Not only do crisp flavours get weirder and weirder but the names get longer and longer. It's like something from a Michelin starred restaurant. Salt & Vinegar just doesn't cut it any more so we have Cornish Sea Salt™ (which I'm pretty sure I've not tried in real life) and West Country Cider Vinegar.

Gosh. Who knew that Cornish Sea Salt™ was a trademark? Certainly not me. You know, when I set out in an accidental sort of a way to write about crisps (original intention to write about trees* but there you are) I wasn't expecting to learn so much.

Let's not forget that as with all Tesco Finest crisps the packet tells us that the potato variety is Lady Rosetta (mysteriously a variety not known to the Love Potatoes website but there you are), and the field they were grown in was Exfield. I love this field information. It's no help at all really as we only know the farm is in Devon but it's somehow reassuring to know the field name. Maybe it makes the potatoes seem more erm... local?

Anyhow. I like these. Essentially they are salt & vinegar which is one of the classic flavours but can be awfully sharp and hard on the mouth. These crisps are a very grown up take on salt & vinegar; a gentler version of the classic taste, maybe a post-modern 5 star restaurant version. I think Tesco have done a good job. They smell good too.

These crisps are quite large for the most part. Great crunch, just right. Not too much flavour dust but just enough. And a very gentle, perhaps rather sweet salt and vinegar flavour. Don't get put off - I think this is a good thing.

Weird ingredient: apple powder. I suppose it's to accentuate the cider flavour.

* some tree thoughts available here. But I'm slower at tree stuff than crisps.

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