Saturday, 18 January 2014

M&S Guilt Free Snacking Salted Popped Potato Chips

I wasn't very taken with the Popchips Barbeque flavour so I thought I'd try this M&S salted flavour from their guilt free snacking range.

Here's one held up to the light. It looks rather as though a handful of rice crispsies have been glued together to make a flat crispy snack. A bit weird. But tasty. I think this is rather a good crisp.

The crunch is a little bit soft but not too soft. The crisps are all very round as though they are extruded from a machine or something - who knows? I have no clue how they manufacture these things. Especially with the popping which is suddenly so fashionable. And the taste is pretty good. I'm impressed.

Just about the right amount of saltiness. Impressive.

And now the science bit:

  • no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Portion controlled. What? Is that like a bag of crisps from one of these companies that send you your entire diet for a whole week to make controlling your diet easier? 
  • Designed to fit with my Count on Us menu planner. Again: what? I didn't know there was a Count on Us menu planner. I guess I haven't been paying attention.
Some of the crisps have a really weird look. Like brains.... don't let that put you off. I really like them. Top marks.


  1. I love anything crunchy and salty! I bet the bbq ones were really tasty!

    1. I'm not mad keen on BBQ flavour. Quite often I find it horrible.
      I could post you a packet for you to try? I liked the salty ones much better.